Publications in zoology on loggerhead shrikes

shrike and mouse in testing box

shrike dieldren dropcaphe following two papers are on the Loggerhead Shrike, also known as the butcherbird because of its habit of hanging its prey on thorn trees or barb wire. The papers were published in two journals listed by the SCI, an organization that lists journals considered to be among the best in their fields. I carried out the research for these papers in Southern Callifornia.

The first article, "The effects of the insecticide dieldren on the behavior of young Loggerhead Shrikes," was published in The Condor. It documents some ways in which dieldren affects the development of cricket killing and mouse killing in shrikes that are at the age at which they leave their nests.

The second article, "The ontongeny of cricket-killing and mouse-killing behavior in Loggerhead Shrikes, Lanius ludovicianus," was published in The Auk. This paper looks at the same behavior as the first paper, but the shrikes involved in this study were normal, healthy birds, untreated with dieldren or other insecticides.